Free guided meditations from both of us are available on Insight Timer.


Guidance/teaching via VIDEO CALL or by making you a PERSONALIZED VIDEO OR AUDIO Recording
This can be a practice or a talk or both depending on the needs
Personal / online guidance is a good way to start a practice, deepen your practice and/or get inspiration and insights.

Topics / questions / practices and tools can range anywhere depending your needs within these topics:

YOGA tools

  • yang-, yin-, ashtanga yoga;
  • yoga practices as therapy (depending your current situation);
  • taking account natural flow of the season / seasonal yoga / principles from Chinese medicine;
  • breath work/pranayama;
  • philosophy.


  • meditative practices from Buddhism, yoga branches and Trager® approach (conscious body mind integration);
  • by sitting, laying, walking;
  • via observations, reflections, visualization,  breath, mantra;
  • philosophy.


  • awareness in your postures and movement by conscious body mind integration via Trager® principles.


  • insights for living in awareness;
  • reflections on situations where you see yourself to be stuck;
  • connect to your true essence;
  • living in presence;
  • dealing with hindrances;
  • finding meaningful direction.

FOR COUPLES practice tools to use together

  • growing together;
  • cultivating deep love and understanding;
  • truly seeing yourself and one another;
  • mindful communication;
  • conscious touch.

Online Guidance in English (Vincent or Kristiina), Dutch (Vincent) or in Finnish (Kristiina)

Duration    Price:
75 min       77 €
60 min       68 €
45 min       54 €
30 min       36 €
20 min       24 €

Personalized video or audio + 24 € to online guidance price
Example: choosing 60 min video or audio
 - You'll have about 15 minutes intake preferable by calling to get to know your needs (mailing questionnaire also possible) + the 60 min recording

Online Guidance for couples (we teach together)
Duration    Price:
75 min     115 €
60 min       95 €
45 min       84 €
30 min       63 €
20 min       42 €
Personalized video or audio + 24 € to couples online guidance price