Fruits for Inspiration

On this page you'll find some fruits for inspiration, shared from our tools.

This may be a small practice, which changes every month, or sooner when we feel the need.
  • Simple text for contemplation
  • Practice for daily life
  • Philosophy sharing, view on life
  • Story or meditation

All with the aim to bring to presence, to feel, to experience, to feel the love for life 💑

May 16th, 2022

Beautiful reminders and essences of Psychosynthesis in this poem by S.C. Lourie


















June 6th, 2020

What is your story? Do you keep on dragging an old story or can you live without identificating yourself into a story?

To investigate the story (which might be unknown to us) can make us really grow. To do this investigation is to release unnecessary troubles, repressed energies, things that control our actions; all that robs us from our freedom.

To break freer from the story that you live in is to see what internal story(stories) you have.
The easiest way to find this out might be to see when you have lost (emotionally, physically) yourself. This is in a behaviour of reacting strongly and you have been taken over by strong emotions and maybe even actions.

Observation practice
You can think of past occasion now.
Next time after the eye of the storm, look back when you feel balanced again.
You might also be able to pause and look and reflect in the moment itself. (This will become much easier when you have been practising).

What did you feel?
What did you think about yourself internally? This is your story. 
Really see what you say to yourself and think of yourself.
Some examples; saying internally to yourself:
Again this is happening to me, I don’t matter (victim).
Why did I fail, I am weak (not good enough).

Also if the feelings comes up again. Can you just allow to feel them? Anything we push away stays in our system. This is energy, that can be moved. It is not healthy to keep all in the storage.. eventually there is no space anymore and then there is a spillover. So feel and additionally if needed breathe in deeper through nose and exhale through mouth as long as it feels good (breath moves energy, as body movements too).

When you get to see and feel these stories more and more you get to be more free. In a next event you still might loose your ground but it do not take you over so firmly anymore. You become more and more to the present moment, you become aware, conscious of yourself and others too. You start to live more free; brake freer from your conditioning and triggers too.

If you feel the need to take a step further, then the next practice will assist you.

Mirror practice
When you find out your internal dialogue, your sentences (that you found in the observation practice). Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself into your eyes. Really look and be present what you see and when you are ready (still looking into eyes and little thinking) say that sentence out loud. One by one. E.g. "I'm not good enough". One sentence as long as you need to see the sift. See what happens in your eyes and facial expression. Is this sentence really true?
If you do not get to feel the absurdness of the sentence(s); can you become more present with your eyes and say it again or try later.

This practice is to help you to come to pureness and feel the wisdom of your true nature which makes you realise that these sentences aren't pure; that they are so called false beliefs about yourself.

These were two practices (to look at your story and false beliefs)  and you might need some support or other tools to go forth. So we are here if you wish to have a private session. Online or in real life.
We are currently in Netherlands (east side of the Veluwe) and we'll be in Vaasa (Finland) at the end of April.


April 21st, 2020

Join us into an half an hour guided meditation experience that we recorded in nature 💚🙏
Guided forest meditation

With love, Kristiina & Vincent