About Us

“Work is love made visible”
 Khalil Gibran - The Prophet

Us 💑

It feels amazing to create from the heart. To feel the flow of the moment. This is what teaching and sharing is for us. Basically the only thing we can offer, is our presence, (which is for us the place where we need to be anyway).

To create space for the experience of “True self” we highly value and are supported by:
Nature and the place where we share.
Sharing our presence together on retreats allows one to be just guiding and the other to be present on individual levels, which gives time for personal attention.
Tools, the practices that works on many levels.
Community; we are all together. The support from peers, learning from others as where all in the same vessel anyway.
Devotion and depth that is dived into.
Trust. You. You are able to stand yourself, be your teacher, experience the true essence and live fulfilled life from within.

We both are Psychosynthesis Coaches, Yoga teachers and Kristiina is Somatic Trager Approach practitioner, Vincent has also been studying Trager, but the study has been on pause for now.

Here we are. And we are alive!
My main practice is just being here, in every day life. To observe, feel, experience. Here, this moment: writing a text for our website. How present can I be? How honest can I write? Am I writing from within? And from my heart?💓

To support ‘daily life’, my foundation is a daily Pranayama practice, (taught by Stefan Engstrom, in lineage of BNS Iyengar). To support my physical needs and keep my body and mind healthy and in balance, I practice the Ashtanga Primary Series and Yin yoga. And to nourish my soul and connection with my heart, I sit daily. Alone if needed, together with my love 💕 whenever possible.

The seed for my current practice dates many decades back, to Kyokushinkai Karate. It took me half a lifetime of searching and seeking, to re-connect with my self through yoga teachings, Western philosophy, Sufism, Tantra, Buddhism, Trager and Psycho-synthesis. Here I find my roots. Here I can take refuge whenever I cannot see clear, when I feel overwhelmed by anything from the outer. Through practice, I connect to the core in me, and through there with everything in this majestic Universe.

To guide a meditation for me is totally being there. To adjust an asana is to really feel the person being alive, from head to toe.  - Vincent

All starts from within. When I get to feel connection to my heart I can be present. And by being present I can take care of myself and this for me is also taking care of others. So this connection is my foundation and I integrate it to my living. Simple and yet this sometimes needs will, dedication, interest and even some courage and honesty to look into self. I've seen that this is the way to create healthy unconditional relationships too. To feel fulfilled without other peoples actions; place of peace and ease. From there I got to come together with a partner that shares the same base, home, longing.

My first experiences with yoga were at my teenage years and in my early twenties yoga really took off. I started teaching 18 years ago (with ashtanga yoga), then a bit later different forms of body works came and one of them being somatic "meditative" Trager® approach which woke up into more conscious movement and touch. Sitting practices followed; Japa (mantra recitation), Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism: Tantric meditation practices also started to be relevant in my life. Psycho-synthesis practices opened the door to understanding the psyche, which has made the whole body/mind picture even more clearer.

My formal practice tools today forms from sitting practices, from yoga postures (mainly yang and some yin) and pranayama (breath practices). Currently I'm also curiously seeing what I feed in me in all kind of forms; toughs, what I do, where I am, with whom, what I look at: This is energy and it does go there where you are and to live meaningful life for me is to know what is relevant, needed, what can drop and also being able to act upon it. Relationships are my big teachers too and I'm oh, so grateful for my great mirror, my love, my partner with whom I practice too 💞

In sharing I most likely emphasize your heart, honesty, to follow your inspiration; remind you to come back to your home, into presence and I can make you aware of the places where you escape into past, future, imagination as those are the places to also see why this happens and what are they telling, this can help the living more and more fully here in now; in this moment and also take meaninful and purposeful actions for yourself to live the life that resonates in the very core of you.
- Kristiina